Hi! My name is Jana and I’m a travel blogger. The irony is that I actually never liked writing – I postponed my writing of my bachelor thesis as much as I could (probably 3 times in total). On the other hand, I love photography. I’m not a pro in photography, but I’m a pro in Photoshop which makes my photos look almost like from a professional.

And so it happened, that after a year of my life in the Maldives I ended up with thousands of photos. My friends on Facebook were getting frustrated by all my photos from beaches (especially in winter), so I decided to start a blog. But a blog with photos only doesn’t tell much and I had to kick my lazy butt into writing. I made even a bigger whip on myself by deciding to have my blog not just in Czech but also in English for my friends around the world.

Most of my travelling is around the country where I decide to work. The year 2014 I spent my time in the capital city of the Maldives in the middle of crystal clear water of Indian ocean. Everyone was jealous that I live in such paradise, but I recommend to everyone to visit that concrete jungle filled with motorbikes known as Male and where I spent my first two days locked in my room crying – it was a huge culture shock. It made me to write one of my most read articles about the other side no one knows about. Here it is.

After that we moved to a strategically beneficial place –  Malaysia. This country is close to all my dream destinations (Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos…). During my life in Malaysia I was able to visit Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

In Januray 2017 we moved to a city called Hai Phong in Vietnam and we will stay here for a year or longer. Not sure yet.

Jana Vitoušková

This travel blog is a summary of my amazing experiences, but also of my disasters and escapades, which I’m lately attracting,  plus tons of travel photos from my trips. I hope, that this blog becomes an inspiration for other wandering souls and dreamers.

And the rest of the story? Well… you figure it out…


PS: I’m sure I made a ton of typos and grammar mistakes. Blogging in English is difficult for me, as a non native English speaker. Extremely difficult! It’s a nightmare sometimes, because often I feel I can’t express myself the way I want to. Anyway, feel free to correct me. Or just make fun of me.

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