written by Jana Vitoušková 21/06/2015

After all my adventurous trips on my mini scooter over the hills and rocky roads around Koh Samui, I was totally exhausted. My legs looked like I had gone through a battle – that’s what happens when you drive a scooter after 10 years and decide to go into the jungle. Fortunately, I knew that my last three days on this island were going to be spent in the beautiful Tongsai Bay resort.

pool villa Tongsa Bay Koh Samui


When I arrived at the resort, everyone was looking at me with surprise – a blond girl on a scooter with bruised legs and with a backpack bigger then her is coming to this five star resort. Luckily, they let me in 🙂

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a smile and a “Sawadee ka” (hello) and shown a big comfy couch. While filling out my check in card they brought me an ice-cold towel and refreshing welcome drink. After checking-in, I was welcomed by a resort manager Mark. Then I was escorted by golf buggy to my villa. The host gave me a tour of my new home for the next three days and showed me where is what and how everything works.


When I entered into my cottage, first I was amazed with a big terrace with sunbeds, a bath with flowers and my private pool providing a beautiful ocean view. I love private pools, where I can soak up the amazing views and landscapes.

My cottage was kinda divided into three parts. The first one was a living room with a comfy couch that had a small table where I found a welcoming note and a bowl of freshly prepared fruit with cookies. For the first time I tried a pear that looks like an apple. I was a bit confused – is it an apple or a pear? It was a papple (pear + apple) – that’s what I found later in a resort information leaflet.

Small stairs led into the second part where there was a enticing four-poster bed, where I slept every night like a baby. The last part was a big spacious bathroom with lots of mirrors and a shower that had a view into a small private garden.

The room service was perfect. Twice a day cleaners came to clean my villa, bring fresh fruits, pull or open the curtains and make up my bed or plump my pillows ready for bed. I ended most of my days by swimming in the pool and listening to the waves crash against the rocks.






I had reserved an outdoor gazebo on the beach for the first dinner. Actually, not just one but two gazebos. In the second one a musician sat and played during the dinner on an instrument called a Ra Nard Aik. Also under the gazebo a cook was sitting on a rug, she prepared an excellent Thai salad with grilled chicken. They also brought me a grilled fish with grilled vegetables.  The food was delicious! The food together with the sea view and the beach decorated with candles just blew me away.

romantic dinner at the beach in Tongsai Bay

romantic dinner at the beach in Tongsai Bay

The fancy breakfast buffet was in Chef Chom’s Thai restaurant, where every morning lady Pu, who is preparing fresh juices, welcomed everyone with a big smile on her face. I wasn’t surprised that she was the one offering fresh energetic juices. I can say, that in the end I didn’t really need the juice, because lady Pu and her abundance of energy and never ending smile kickstart my day with immense energy. Next to the fresh fruit cocktails I could choose from the fresh baked bread and all kinds of meats, cheeses, cereals and yoghurt. Honey was served in a very interesting way – pouring straight from the honeycomb. In the corner stood a street food cart where I satisfied my cravings for Thai noodles. And again that beautiful sea view!

breakfast in Tongsai Bay

morning buffet in Tongsai Bay

In this Thai restaurant I enjoyed an amazing sunset dinner with my friend who came to visit me. First, Mr. Pong mixed rice with prawns with traditional Thai ingredients.  Then we were left alone with all kind of grilled meat, fruit, sweets and my favourite satay with peanut sauce.

dinner at Tongsai Baydinner at Tongsai Bay

The next restaurant I went to, was Po-Lad Beach Bistro & Bar. You can guess from its name, that it is located where? On the beach! They serve all kind of food. You can choose from Thai, Chinese or Western cuisine. I ordered a chicken mixed with Cashew  nuts and rice. A part of this restaurant is also a beach bar, where one night me and my friend enjoyed their signature cocktails.  They use ingredients I’d never heard of before and which they grow in their own garden. All these delicious calories can be burned off by walking to your villa through the beautiful grounds of this resort or you can do it as I did and just ask the staff to call you the buggy 🙂

restaurant in Tongsai Bay


After a 13 hour jurney to Koh Samui island and caring my big heavy backpack and other luggage my back was a total mess. And what a visit of Thailand would it be without a massage. I was floating on cloud nine, that a massage in Prana spa is waiting for me.

Prana spa Tongsai Bay

On arrival I was greeted with a warm smile by all spa therapists, who brought me an ice-cold towel and a homemade herbal tea. They also brought me a card, where I could note down my preference of oil, strength of massage and where my aliments were so they could concentrate more on these areas.

My package was called Tongsai for ladies. First, I put on something I would call a spa diaper – you can see in the photo why I call it this 😀 Then I went to the herbal steam room. At the start it was difficult to breathe because of the strong turmeric essence, but then I got used to it. Then I was treated to a whole body scrub, mud wrap and an outside bath with herbal tea and cookies. They saved the best for last as I had an amazing one hour full body massage. I wished, it would never end. I felt reborn. They finished off by giving me delicious herbal tea and a many smiles were given me when I had to leave this amazing place hidden among the trees.

Prana spa Tongsai Bay Prana spa Tongsai Bay



You can find another two large public pools at the resort. One is located together with the children’s pool right by the beach. The other one is a bit further away and it is just for adults, who wish to enjoy peaceful relaxation and swimming with a spectacular view of the bay.

In your room you can find Tongsai Times News, in which you can read the latest resort’s news and facts about the resort. Also a WOW weekly calendar where you can find what activities you can try in the week.  You can learn something about Thai culture, take a basic Thai language class, you can try fruit carving together with Lady Pu, take a class of Thai cuisine or visit a beach cocktail party.

On Friday night my friend and I decided to go to the movie night which was going on directly on the beach under the starry night sky. We sat in the bean bags and enjoyed the view of the sea and the stars. When the movie started we were served popcorn and drinks we ordered.

movie night Tongsai Bay

Located next to the big swimming pool on the beach there was the water sport centre. On the compliments of the resort you can get kayak, paddleboard, windsurfing, and snorkelling. They offer so many activities in the resort that you definitely won’t be bored.



Tongsai Bay is located in the north-eastern coast of Thailand’s Koh Samui Island in a peaceful bay without boats, ships and with a private beach just for the hotel guests. There is only 83 rooms, cottages and villas in total and all of them offer a sea view. I had a chance to visit other rooms and villas of different categories and I have to say that this resort will please everyone.

The Tongsai Grand Villas McGuigan Cottage in Tongsai Bay


Togsai Bay is tagged as a green resort and you can see why. They have their own water cleaning station so they can treat and reuse the water for their gardens. You can find recycling bins, also all villas have a main switch to turn off the electricity and water is served in glass bottles. I really liked a piece of wood you can put on your bed if you want or don’t want to change the bedsheets. All products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners and even the toilet cleaner are organic. Sustainability is a top priority for the resort.



On the last day, we wanted to enjoy our villa and pool as long as we could and the Tongsai Bay was very kind and offered us a late checkout.  Everyone was very friendly, helpful and always smiling. Their hospitality and friendliness to all of my requirements was unbeatable. Thank you very much for this relaxing stay and I will hopefully see you again next time.


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