written by Jana Vitoušková 14/03/2015

At the end of 2014 a czech magazine Monty Rich reached me and offered me to write my own article for their first issue. I’ve never really loved writing – even now I’m fighting with my procrastination in writing and my bachelor thesis took me 3 years! The irony is that most of my work now involves writing – what have I done?!  😀 However I took as a challenge and agreed with that ofeer. They were expecting an article about paradise, white beaches and crystal clear ocean. I showed a lil bit different and more though reality. Those, who didn’t buy the magazine can read my article here or download it as pdf file: Monty Rich leden. I wish you a pleasant reading and sorry for destroying your illusions 🙂


Sorry to my English speaking fans that the article is in Czech, but I will try to add the translation as soon as I can.

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