written by Jana Vitoušková 30/09/2015

Last week it was a year since I met the most amazing guy in the world. It is beautiful to have someone you can share the same view on the world with. Our view is to travel the world. That was also the way how we met and how I’ve got an English boyfriend. Last year I moved to the Maldives to work there and after few months there I met one British chap with an irresistible charisma and sense of humor. His name is Lee and he travels around the world for over ten years.

But what is it like to be with someone you never quite understand and who will never appreciate Czech movies and fairy tales and with who my parents will be not able to talk? For some people this may be a problem, but I always look at things from the bright side.

I always liked and enjoyed English, so having a true British boyfriend is quite amazing. I always loved British comedies and I really love to listen to Lee’s British accent. I’m noticing, how my English is improving over time, how my vocabulary is growing and I’m able to use more and more slang in my conversation. Sometimes it happens that I’m speaking with British accent without me noticing. Then I have to laugh.

I make him laugh almost every day with my bloopers or when I tell him Czech translation of some words. For example, recently I showed him a Czech language lesson on YouTube and they were teaching the word “thank you” (in Czech “Děkuji”). The guy, who teaches the class, gave a hint how to pronounce it. Appearently, you need to say quickly words “dick” and “wee”. You can imagine how Lee got the giggles. He was rolling on the ground laughing and crying. Also the word “grandmother” (in Czech “babička”) made him laugh a lot. I didn’t know why at first, but then I realized that if you say it you can hear the word “bitch” in it. My grandmothers will not be happy when they will find out. The best thing for Lee is to say “Thank you grandmother”. Phahaha. We are not bored at all.

We do not argue (usually). Firstly, neither one of us likes fights. Secondly, if it happens it is a lost battle for me anyway. Lee is silver-tongued and I’m losing my vocabulary in anger. At that moment, I already feel like to cry, my mouth shakes, I’m whipping my tears and then I go into the next room or I turn back to him to not see it. But he notices, hugs me and that’s the end of the argument that really hasn’t started yet.

Leaving aside the Czech films and fairy tales, I can say that having an English boyfriend has more advantages, don’t you think?


PS: Excuse my English errors, but Lee is always the one proofreading my blog posts (hahaha…another advantage) and this time it is a surprise for him.

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  • Vegas Tan

    This is so sweet and interesting! Would like to see Lee do the opposite for a guy version. Like, “The Advantage of having a Czech Girlfriend” maybe? ????????

    • Thank you….I will ask him if he wants to write something about it 🙂 However I remember asking him about it when I was writing this article and he said “None” 😀

  • indohoy

    what a cute post and such a sweet couple you are 🙂

  • LOL!! well done! I can totally relate my dear.. Married to a British man for 4 years!! We’ve been together almost 7 years now..hahaha!